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  • 01/18/2017 3:20 PM | Lisa Daris (Administrator)

    Look for these items to be added to the COP 2017 cycling calendar in the next few days!

    Ride Name Date Location Type
    45th Woodstock 4/8/2017 Westerville Budget
    49th SPOT 4/15/2017 Canal Winchester Budget
    43rd Mid Ohio Century (MOC) 4/29/2017 Delaware Budget
    Top of Ohio Hundred (TOOH) 5/6/2017 Hilliard Budget
    43rd Heart of Ohio Tour (HOOT) 6/17/2017 Carroll Budget
    24th Upper Sandusky Family Tour 7/8/2017 Upper Sandusky Full
    29th Ridge Runner Ramble 7/15/2017 New Albany Full
    31st Ride the Darby 8/12/2017 Grove City Budget
    7th Steve Barbour Memorial 8/26/2017 Dublin Full
    29th Covered Bridge Tour 9/9/2017 Canal Winchester Budget
    24th Knox County Bicycle Challenge 9/16/2017 Gambier Full
    1st Annual OEFFA Harvest Ride 9/17/2017 TBD Full
    30th Fall HOOT 10/14/2017 Carroll Budget

  • 06/01/2014 4:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Nelsonville Town Square

  • 01/01/2013 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Happy New Year from Columbus Outdoor Pursuits.
    Now for the bad news, Remember to reset your Odometers to zero it is a new year.
    The Good news is we have a lot to look forward to.

    Check out the New Year Day Bean Ride out of the Hayden Crossing Clubhouse. and Remember to thank Tom and Debbie Davis for braving the possible snow for the New Years Cheer and First Mileage of the New Year.
    Oh and yes this is actually happening on January 1st. You would be surprised how many people actually ask that question.

    Check out the "Big 3" Event January 15th. TOSRV, GOBA, and XOBA are right around the corner....

    On a side note, some of you may have heard of the Spring Flatwater trip the Boating program puts on every spring.
    Cyclist do not feel left out, the Unofficial COP Spring Biking Trip is happening again. Every year a little group out of Orlando, called the Florida FreeWheelers puts on the Florida Bicycle Safari every year in April.
    Every year about 20 COP cyclists and another couple dozen Ohioans do head down for their version.
    Please check out for more information. Do not hesitate, they sell out fast.

  • 11/05/2012 3:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Columbus BikeShare System to Launch in 2013Columbus Bike Share Proposal Document

  • 11/03/2012 5:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Breakfast and Speaker Robin Thurston from MapMyFitness talked about Cycling 24/7/365.

    National Bicycle Tour Director's Association Annual Meeting

    B-Cycle Scavenger Hunt and Presentation

    Grabbing Lunch and back to see what we can get at the Promo Swap.

    Promo Swap is where the tours all bring in stuff to pass out to everyone else.
    First come first serve. It is like Black Friday, but much more polite and much better stuff.

    We gave out a bunch of stuff, but the XOBA pens were a huge hit.
    and now we are off to dinner.
    See everyone back in Columbus!

  • 11/02/2012 10:10 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Bright and Early for Breakfast 07.30
    Speaker Brian Farris from USA Pro Challenge (was renamed from Quiznos Pro Challenge before the event even took place)
    Allen headed into Simple to Sexy - Using New Technology and the Mobile App Economy Chris Glode from MapMyFitness and Ben Davis of Onsight Public Affairs
    Maureen and Jerry headed into Managing  the Millions of Details - How to Operate more efficiently and Execute Quality Events within a Budget. Presented by Race HQ and Former US Postal Service Team ProRider Anton Villatoro. 

    Allen indicated there was an overload of information and the session could have went on for another 30-60 minutes with ease. Everyone was very engaged.
    Maureen and Jerry were a little disappointed as Anton talked extensively about riding on the US postal team, Riding in Europe and his experiences. The last few minutes he blew through a slide presentation about how to manage all the details you need to keep track of to get an event on the road. The methods touched on everything from project management software to the post-it notes around the monitor method.

    Quick break to the facilities and back to it.
    Allen and Maureen headed into Route Support.
    A panel led by Chandler Smith of Ride the Rockies gave tips and pointers on what a team can do to keep the riders safe and on track. Topics ranged from hygiene at rest stops to how to space SAG vehicles to ensure the route is evenly covered. Did you know that Ride the Rockies uses state troopers on scooters for traffic control where they are needed?

    Jerry attended Medical Support.
    Hosted by Mamie Wheeler of the Portland Marathon. Don't be affraid to ask other events for their knowledge and experience. Plan for the unexpected. Communicate to Event Participants what to expect and what is expected. Always have a backup to the backup plan. Planning for your event size is critical. Smaller events do not need to have the full medical staff a larger event will need. Let the locals (Fire, EMS, Hospitals, etc) know you will be coming through their town.

    Lunch with Speaker Jim Sayer of Adventure Cycling. Bicycle Tourism Boom, The Economics, Trends, and Opportunities. So much great information. We acquired a new talent, eating, drinking and taking notes. Listening was a given.

    Listen to the Lycra. A panel of local riders from Colorado, Hosted by Chandler Smith. These riders, who have ridden multi-day events, talked about some of the things they did and did not like about the rides they had done. We are lucky to live in Ohio as they stated that they are used to paying in the range of $100 for a one day century! Here that would be quite the turn-off for a day ride

    Vendor Expo. So many great companies that want to do business with us. They get it, they understand.

    2012 Jersey Hall of Fame. (OK We did not win again, but we plan to be bigger and better for 2013)
    Winner 2011 - Vuelta Puerto Rico
    Winner 2012 - End of the World Tour

    Dinner and Keynote Speaker Ron Kiefel.
    Ron talked about growing up in a Bike Shop, Racing, and life.
    Incredible! Thanks Ron! Great Job and Keep up the Good work!

  • 11/01/2012 11:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Now the real fun begins!!
    We started the breakfast session off with Colorado Senator Al White.
    He addressed the significant impact of Bicycling on Tourism in Colorado over the past year.
    Just shy of 1 Billion Dollars!!!

    Our second morning speaker was Scott Christopher, from Bicycle Colorado, talking about the relationship between Bike Tours, Bike Clubs and Bike Advocacy. Bike Advocacy and those working with creating bike infrastructure need to work more closely with Bike Tour Directors. 

    Short Break and back to sessions 101 and 301.
    Our group decided to divide and conquer.

    Allen and Jerry headed into Events 101: The Nuts and Bolts  (Panel of Veteran Tour Directors)
    This focused on the basics of planning, marketing, logistics and successful execution of the event.

    Maureen headed into Events 301: Industry Trends (Wes Hall from RAGBRAI)
    This focused on the current industry trends and the effects on Tourism.

    LUNCHTIME - and we were starving....
    Oh and another speaker! No breaks here folks. Welcome to information overload!

    Speaker Andy Clark, president of League of American Bicyclists.
    Focused on Bicycling and National issues.
    We were not surprised to hear many politicians did not understand why bicycle rights, right of ways, etc are so important. Once the Tourism Numbers from Bicycling are introduced to them, it becomes a no brainer!!!
    We all need to do a better job of making sure our elected representatives know their voters want to continue funding for bicycle related infrastructure and programs. 
    (side note, if you are unsure how to help, check out Consider Biking in Columbus, Ohio)

    Off to the afternoon sessions, 'Mobile Society' and 'The Jersey Story'.

    Allen headed into the 'Mobile Society'.
    The best comment from Allen after the session ... C.O.P. is on track with Cop2Go and other web related activities.

    Maureen and Jerry headed into 'The Jersey Story'.
    The focus was on Ride and Organization Jerseys as a Marketing and Advertising tool, plus a way to commemorate the event. This was expanded to include other Merchandising opportunities.

    Second afternoon sessions, 'Help Them Help You' and 'Know your Audience'

    Jerry headed into 'Help Them Help You': Preparing Host Communities & Leaving a Positive Legacy
    Steve Schultz from Cycle Oregon and Elizabeth Norris from Ride the Rockies and Pedal the Plains discussed what to expect, what to look for, what to consider and how to find out what you are missing.

    Maureen and Allen headed into 'Know your Audience': Diversifying Your Demographic
    Arlen Hall from Adventure Cycling presented on how to get your event in from of other audiences and encourage other groups to give cycling a try.
    (Side note: Greg Siple of TOSRV fame was a founder of Adventure Cycling in the mid 1970s.)

    That ended the programming for the day, but the discussions continued over dinner out. We want to give a huge thank you to Andy Clark for picking up the check! If you are ever in Denver, plan a stop at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. Great beer and food.

  • 10/31/2012 10:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Welcome to Denver, Colorado.

    Three of us are representing Columbus Outdoor Pursuits (Especially TOSRV, GOBA and XOBA).
    What a difference!!!
    Flying out of Ohio Wednesday with weather in the 40s and landing in Denver, weather in the 70s.

    Everything went very smooth overall. 
    One Hiccup was very much beyond our control.

    One of us had an almost 2 hour delay leaving Ohio, but was only 45 minutes late landing in Denver. While the other two left on time and arrived 40 minutes early and had to sit in the plane for 30 minutes waiting for the gate to move the plane already there.

    SuperShuttle to the Hotel, check in, relax for about an hour, and off to check in for the event.
    Roam around downtown, sight-seeing, Union Station, US Mint, Pepsi Center (Home of the NHL Avalanche and NBA Nuggests), Mile-High Stadium (NFL Broncos, used to host MLB Rockies, now at Coors Field) caught lunch at Ghost Plate and Tap. YUMMY!

    Conference Kicked off with a Meet and Greet Costume Party. 
    We met StarBuck from Battle Star Galactica, Couple of Avid Columbus Crew Fans, a Pirate, couple of Hippies, The 2nd Amendment, someone dressed as a bike rider, Hotel Manager (oh wait he was the hotel manager), Flapper (1920's dancer), Steeler's Fan, Friar, couple of Insurance Salesman (oh wait they actually were too), Brew Master, a witch, and so many more. The Inner child came out to play.
    We were missing the Resident Alien tonight, he was stopped in the outer atmosphere to have a bevy with the Home Planet Security.
    The winner of the costume contest was "The Dude" (as in the Big Lebowski)
    At least the Avid Columbus Crew fans got an honorable Mention.

    and off to Dinner at The Paramount Cafe. Not half bad, but Ghost set the bar much higher.

    Tomorrow is going to be a very full day!

  • 10/17/2012 8:11 AM | Anonymous member
    Bill Gordon joined us as Cycling Chair, and was sworn in on October 16th!  Huzzah, Bill!
    New Bicycling chair Bill Gordon meets with legacy Bicycling Chair Jack Hornsby

    And Thanks Jack Hornsby for your knowledge and guidance.

  • 05/10/2010 4:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    by Jeff Stephens May 10th, 2010

    Columbus Mayor, “Bikin’ Mike” Coleman completed his first century ride in challenging conditions. He rode the first day of TOSRV – 113 miles from Columbus to Portsmouth and shattered his previous personal best of 55 miles! In addition to the strong and steady headwinds, the traditional route contained a detour that added 8 hilly miles to the course.

    The Mayor was accompanied by Eric Brandon, the new Assistant Director of Columbus Parks and Recreation, Martin from Columbus Police, and myself (Jeff). His companions are both relatively novice cyclists too. Their experience has come from being the Mayor’s riding companions over the last year; I was a bit concerned for all of them.

    However, all three rose to the occasion and completed the ride without incident. Granted….they’ll all probably tell me they’re feeling “serious incident” for a few days hereafter!

    The first 50 miles to Chillicothe took a toll. Although the spirits remains high, the slowing slog into the wind began to wear the guys to a “quiet & determined” state. They learned from their mistake of a lengthy stop at Circleville…to make the lunch stop in Chillicothe as quick as possible. I could see the a little energy returning from the food, but knew we had a long way to go.

    The third stretch from Chillicothe contains some rollers 
    and probably the prettiest scenery of the day. Mayor Coleman was cursing the hills a little, so I suggested
     there was “no shame is using an easier 
    gear.” For those that know me, I’m not the best role model for spinning a manageable gear. I pushed him hard to learn & practice spinning a lower gear so he wouldn’t turn into an inefficient guy like me. I know from experience, there are only a few opportunities for the student to absorb critical lessons in the early days….so, I wanted leg speed to be near the top.

    This third stretch of TOSRV also contained the new detour which added 8 miles to the traditional route. Thankfully, the Mayor and his guys, had no perspective 
    of the additional challenge to the route this year…so, I kept quite and made sure to tell lots of colorful RAAM and ultra-distance stories and point out the pretty scenery to provide distraction from the challenge.

    I could tell that the Mayor and his guys were pretty thrashed at the Lake Hope rest stop. We kept the stop brief, and made sure TOSRV Director, Charlie Pace, paid a motivating visit to the Mayor. I made sure everyone was consuming a good amount of calories, and indicated the final 30 miles would be flat and fast.

    And, the Mayor came alive on that last stretch of the route. He rode a very steady pace and we chatted quite a bit. I used this section of the route to try and teach drafting technique. We had more of a crosswind, so I was able to position myself in a place (riding abreast) that shielded him from the wind…without him having to “think about it” too much. He and the guys were tired from a long, tough day, so their bike handling was a bit jerky. I wanted to keep the close-quarters riding as safe as possible.

    There was no doubt we’d reach our goal of Portsmouth. As we rolled into town, I shared my third big tip – weight distribution on the bike and relaxation of the upper body. This is not a real “teachable” issue for those that are new to bicycling and are horribly tired from having just pushed far beyond their comfort zone. He said, “How come you’re just telling me this now?” I countered with, “You’ve got to feel the pain before you’ll learn the lesson.” Yes – he’ll feel the sore legs and that contact point with the bike seat for a few days. However, he’ll also recognize that bicycling is a complex, complete body activity when he feels the soreness in his arms and shoulders in the next few days.

    It was an honor to shepherd the Mayor on this memorable ride. Every cyclist remembers their first century and we’re excited to have played a role in the Mayor’s (and Eric & Martin’s) success in reaching their goal. We talked about all the joy and experiences that bicycling offers. And, most importantly, we talked as friends – two guys riding along in the country. We laughed when another Consider Biking member rode by and suggested that the Mayor be careful, “…that Jeff Stephens is like a gateway drug into hard core cycling.” He replied, “That’s ok….I’m already addicted!”

    Congratulations Mayor Bikin’ Mike Coleman on your first century ride. 
    We know there will be many enjoyable miles in your future!

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